Coaching Policy

Policy Statement

Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association Inc commits to providing opportunities for all interested players and officials to represent BWHA at Regional and State Championships. BWHA understands its unique place in this area and its responsibility to ensure a nurturing environment for all members. We will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, and strive to achieve best practice in all areas and to provide equitable opportunities for all. The Representative Team Coach Policy will be available on our Web Site and staff and members will be encouraged to contribute any ideas or suggestions to improve our policy at any time.


We have appointed the Development Department as the Representative Team Coaches Policy Coordinator, who has responsibility for ensuring ongoing implementation of and compliance with our policy. This policy will be reviewed each year.

Related Procedures

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The Coach has overall responsibility at all times for coaching.
Whilst on the field of play, the Coach shall maintain complete control of the team.
The Coach will insist on a code of conduct within the team that reflects good sportsmanship both on and off the field of play.
The Coach will attend all official meetings.
The Coach will accompany the contingent during both forward and return travel, and be accommodated with the contingent. Applications to travel separately from teams must accompany nomination form and has to be approved by the BWHA Board of Management.
The Coach will use appropriate language and behaviour at all times as per the BWHA Code of Conduct.
The BWHA representative apparel is to be worn where possible when acting in the appointed position. BWHA will provide Coaches with a BWHA shirt, which is to be returned after completion of the appointed tournament/program.
The BWHA Office will provide contact details of all Players, Coach, Umpire and Physiotherapist/Sports Trainer. This information is subject to the BWHA Privacy Policy and must not be used for any other purpose except in regard to the tournament. This private information must be returned to the BWHA Office at the completion of the tournament to be destroyed.
When liaising with players and parents, all emails must be sent out in BCC (blind carbon copy) to ensure privacy of player information.

The following procedures will be adhered to:

Prior to the event, the Coach shall:

1.1        Show proof of their volunteer’s “Blue Card” to BWHA office.

1.2       Sign a document advising they have read and will abide by the rules and codes of conduct in regard to BWHA representative teams.

1.3       Confirm with the Manager and players the training requirements (including venue, dates and training times).

1.4       Organise training session content.

1.5       Liaise with the BWHA MDM regarding team composition playing style sought, etc.

1.6       Attend trials whenever possible.

1.7       If any injury occurs to any player, notify the BWHA office and the office will arrange a fitness test fourteen (14) days prior to departure or assembly, whichever is first.

1.8       Ensure team members are appropriately prepared for tournament (psychological and physically). Assistance given on request and if needed.

1.9       Where required make recommendations to the BWHA MDM on the Captains, Vice Captain and/or Co-Captains for the tournament. The BWHA MDM will confer and then have the final decision on these appointments.

NB: No captains or vice captains are appointed for U11 teams. The position of Co-Captains is to be rotated over the whole tournament.

1.10     If necessary supply a copy of your Drivers Licence.


2.         During the event, the Coach shall:

2.1       Rotate players on the field to ensure all players in the team play for equal time (as close as possible). Only in semi-finals and finals will the Coach use their discretion on playing time for players.

2.2       Confer with the Manager only on matters of dispute, etc.

2.3       Confer with the Manager for the daily schedule.

2.4       Select the starting list and advise the Manager as soon as possible after the team meeting and prior to the commencement of the match.

2.5       Liaise with the Manager and team Physios/Sports Trainers on the appropriate nutritional intake and hydration needs for players during tournament.


During the event the Coach may be required to:

3.1         If over 25 years, to

3.1.1      Drive a hire vehicle

3.1.2      Sign for a hire vehicle

3.1.3      Provide their Credit Card as a security for a hire vehicle

3.1.4      Provide transport to and from the field each day


NB: BWHA undertakes to compensate any Coach who is charged for any costs of the hire vehicle on their credit card.

 Ensure all people travelling in vehicles are in a seat belt at all times.

 Check that the entire contingent is on the vehicle before it departs.


After the event, the Coach shall:

 4.1       Complete the Coaches Report (as provided by BWHA), within fourteen (14) days, and submit to the office.